Create colorful container gardens for every nook of your property, including your deck, patio, steps, driveway or the entrances to your home. By using containers, colour can be added to any place you can fit a pot!

Ready-made containers! Choose from our huge selection of beautiful combinations of annuals- for sun, shade, or partial shade! These are perfect for quickly adding colour to any corner of your yard or entrance to your home. Already potted up and ready to go.

Skip the cut flowers! Containers can also make a great gift for any occasion. Instead of cut flowers try a small pot of annuals or tropicals for any table top, or any size for a patio planter.

Hanging baskets: Ready-made mixes set to hang. Great for balconies, yards, or patios.

Herbs and Vegetables: Container gardening has more than an esthetic value - it can also be a great way to bring your vegetable garden onto your deck. Try something new like tomatoes, lettuce or herbs in your pots for a practical and convenient answer when a garden just won't work. In the spring check out our assortment of patio tomatoes, hanging baskets of strawberries, tomoatoes, and cucumbers, and mixed salad bowls.

Fall Mums: Once the temperature starts dropping it's time to start pulling out your annuals. But why not keep a bit of colour into the fall? We have spectacular containers of fall mums from the beginning of September onwards.

Create your own! Check with our knowledgeable staff on how to get started on your own creation. We can guide you in choosing the right plants, colours, and arrangement to make your conatiners a hit!

Consultations: Don't like what you see, but don't know how to make your own? Book a time with one of our experts to go through plants to create a custom container that suits you! Leave the dirty work to us. Email conact@lacostegardencentre, or call us at 204-256-2377, for information on prices and available times.

Check out our planting parties for new ideas and inspiration, and to learn how to create your own beautiful containers. We book parties all year round, so you can have festive containers in the winter too!