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Buy limestone near Winnipeg

Limestone is an addition to your garden near Winnipeg and works differently for different surfaces, it’s important to buy the right one for your garden. Nearby your residence your best shot would be at the Lacoste Garden Centre in Winnipeg. A family owned garden centre, with 60+ years of experience. With their expertise they know what’s best for several types of undergrounds and all the benefits that different types of limestone have. Limestone can nourish the ground, and stop the growth of weed. However, it’s not only good for the plants, it can also give your garden a luxurious appearance.

Buy limestone near Winnipeg | Lacoste Garden Centre

Find your limestone screenings at Lacoste Garden Centre

Limestone screenings keep your garden clean and classy by working against the unwanted vegetation and working for the wanted plants. But where to buy limestone screenings? The best possibility in the area near Steinbach, Selkirk, Carmen and other places closeby, is Lacoste Garden Centre. They have options for all kinds of surfaces and grounds. For example:

  • Crushed limestone
  • Limestone gravel
  • Quarter down limestone


Some might be easier to work with than others, but in the end they all do what they’re supposed to do. You could use limestone screenings on your driveway, as a path through the garden or as a filling in between the tiles. Limestone screenings are known for their ability to lead water to the ground, so there won’t be any puddles or slippery spots in the wintertime. At the Lacoste Garden Centre works a team of garden professionals. If you’re struggling to choose the right limestone or you want some advice about decorative stones, they would be pleased to help!

Limestone for sale near Brandon

Brandon may be a two hour drive from Winnipeg, but it’s definitely worth it. Lacoste Garden Centre is a place where you can spend the whole day. It’s more than just a simple garden centre. There’s a really nice coffee shop, a really nice garden boutique shop and the centre is accessible for everyone; it’s single floored, there’s a wheelchair bathroom, and the offer is magical. In addition to that, the limestone is for sale at Lacoste Garden Centre! We would love for you to stop by and let us help you with your choices, but if that’s not possible, you can always buy the limestone online. Our centre has a (soil) delivery service and the possibility to click and collect. The choice is yours!

Where to buy limestone near me?

All together, if you’re looking to buy limestone nearby Winnipeg (for example if you’re from Neverville, Oakbluff or St. Adolphe), you know where to go. We also have a Lacoste Landscaping Centre at the same place where you can buy top quality limestone. Our staff would be happy to help. They treat you with respect and give you the attention you deserve. The passion, experience and knowledge of our professional staff will result in a good result, so you can leave with a happy feeling. What makes Lacoste Garden Centre so special is their ability to give expert horticultural advice, the staff knows what small things to think of and will always try their best to find the products that fit your wishes best. So our garden centre is not only the best place to buy limestone nearby, it’s also a great place to spend the day.