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Golden Pothos Hanging Basket

Price $ 39.95
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In stock

Golden Pothos Hanging Basket

Price $ 39.95
Prices excluding sales tax
  • Quantity
In stock

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos’s lush green leaves are striped with golden yellow, sure to catch your eye.

About Pothos:

Pothos is a family of trailing plants, that are easy to care for, and grow quickly. Also known as ‘Devil’s Ivy’ they are an amazing plant for a new plant parent, as they will continue to grow despite a certain degree of neglect.

Caring for Pothos

 Light Needs

  •          Indoors, Pothos like bright, indirect light, but can also tolerate lower light settings, lower light levels may cause a lessening of any leaf variegation.


  • Allow your pothos plant to dry out between waterings. If they are left too long between waterings, the leaves will wilt and droop, but recover quickly with a good soaking. It is best though to not let your plant wilt every time before it needs water, a moisture meter is a good indicator of when the soil is dry.


  • Fertilize regularly during the spring and summer once or twice a month with an all purpose fertilizer.
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