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New Year Gardening Ideas

New Year Gardening Ideas

Time for some new year gardening ideas to get your gardening year off to the best start. The new year brings a time of hope, excitement, and lots of gardening planning. It might be colder outside with less to do in the garden, but there is always a reason to put your hat and coat on to enjoy the fresh new year air. If the days are too cold, or the ground is frozen or waterlogged, there is still lots to do inside to start your gardening year off in the best possible way. 

Finding Garden Inspiration Ideal For New Year Gardening Ideas

On cold and snowy days, fill yourself with hope and inspiration for the year ahead. Gather gardening books, magazines, online information, and head to your local garden centre for inspiration. It’s a great idea to make a mood board and visualize what you would like your garden to look like this year and in the future. Once you have gathered all of your inspiration, it will be time to plan. 

Among New Year Gardening Ideas Is Definitely Planning 

When you are inspired and ready to go, start to plan your garden year ahead. You would like to sow from the seeds to the plants, shrubs, and trees. Think about the wildlife you want in your garden, and write a list of plants to grow to attract each of them. If you are growing fruit and vegetables, plan where they will be planted by roughly sketching on a notepad, and consider your companion planting and crop rotation. This will pay off when you have lots of plants ready to go out later in the year. 

Before you know it, when that is all complete, it will be spring and time to start sowing your seeds and putting your plans into action. 

Gain inspiration in store and speak to our friendly staff about your new year gardening plans. If you want to start gardening, or you wish to put more effort and time into gardening, our staff are here to help and give you advice.