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Greenhouse Associate

What we are looking For

Lacoste Garden Centre is looking for sales associates in the front line of our greenhouse. We need an enthusiastic professional that loves working in a team to help ensure a safe, fun and operationally efficient shopping experience for our valued customers. Someone who can be cheerful with customers and associates and work well in a fast paced environment. A love of the outdoors and of course plants doesn’t hurt!

Requirements and Qualifications

• Work well under pressure
• Basic knowledge of tropical plant care
• Must be able lift 20 lbs
• Strong Organizational skills to manage high volume shipments

Job Summary

The tropical plants associate will be assisting customers to the best of their ability. Maintaining the plants and how they are displayed in the greenhouse. Conducting day-to-day tasks to ensure smooth operations in a high-volume environment. They will need to help facilitate an amazing shopping experience for our customers through a myriad of responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities

• Communicating with customers and evaluating their needs and specifications
• Maintaining cleanliness throughout the greenhouse
• Unload shipping carts and distribute the plants to their proper place
• Watering and Maintaining plants as needed
• Secure adherence to company’s policies and guidelines

Apply by visiting our Job Fair April 13th, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm