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5 Annual Plants You Didn't Know You Needed

In the realm of gardening, there are certain plants that often take the spotlight, but what about the unsung heroes, the hidden gems that can truly transform your garden or planter? These five plants may not be on your radar, but definitely deserve a prime spot in your green space!

  1. Dianthus
  2. Colorita Alstroemeria
  3. Dichondra Silver Falls
  4. Geraniums
  5. Magilla Perilla

1. Dianthus

Often overshadowed by flashier blooms, dianthus quietly charms with its delicate petals and sweet fragrance. This perennial beauty adds a touch of elegance to any garden bed or border. Soft pinks or vibrant purples, dianthus brings a pop of color that lasts throughout the growing season.

2. Colorita Alstroemeria:

A true workhorse in the garden, Colorita Alstroemeria boasts blooms that endure from spring all the way into fall, unfazed by cooler temperatures. Its resilience makes it a reliable choice for adding continuous bursts of colour to your landscape. Whether planted in containers or borders, this versatile plant shines bright.

Rosa Rambling Rector

3. Dichondra (Silver Falls):

If you're looking to add a touch of drama and elegance to your planters, look no further than Dichondra Silver Falls variety. With its cascading silver foliage, it creates stunning visual interest as it trails gracefully over edges. What's more, its neutral hue complements a wide range of plant colours, pairing equally well with reds and yellows as with pinks and purples.

4. Geraniums:

While geraniums may not be the trendiest plant on the block, they are undoubtedly a garden classic for good reason. With an impressive array of colours and heights to choose from, geraniums offer endless possibilities for adding bold splashes of color and texture to your garden beds or containers. Their big beautiful blooms are unmatched amongst annual flowers..

5. Magilla Perilla:

Imagine the vibrant hues of coleus, but with the ability to thrive in full sun. That's precisely what Magilla Perilla brings to the table. With its eye-catching foliage and tolerance for sunnier conditions, this versatile plant adds a bold, tropical flair to any garden or container arrangement. Whether used as a focal point or a supporting player, Magilla Perilla is sure to make a statement.

Trachelospermum jasminoides

While these five plants may not always steal the spotlight, they certainly deserve a moment in the sun. From the timeless beauty of dianthus to the modern elegance of Dichondra Silver Falls, each of these plants brings its own unique charm and flair to the garden. So why not add a few of these unsung heroes to your green space and discover the joy they bring?