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Artificial Grasses to Grow

Artificial Grasses to Grow

These artificial grasses to grow can bring something extra to your home and garden. When it isn’t possible to grow other plants, artificial plants can step in to green up the most difficult of places where you want there to be greenery. From dark, shady indoor corners to lawns that get ruined by pets and parties! There is always a way to add some green to your home with artificial grasses to soften the look or for practicality.

Artificial Lawns

If you cannot keep a lawn in good shape for any reason, you have the option of an artificial lawn. There are hard-wearing, flatter type grass-style lawns that can be laid directly onto concrete or lawns with artificial grass that is a little longer and more luxurious. It can be laid onto the soil, but there are some environmental impacts to consider, from wildlife living beneath being impacted to how to dispose of it when it needs replacing.

Indoor Artificial Plants

Do you have a spot in your home where nothing will grow? Have you tried the trusted Sansevieria, and still no good? You’ll be pleased to know many different and aesthetically pleasing plants can be grown in the home and are suitable anywhere! The range of artificial plants, including grasses, is broad, and many look so much like the real thing the neighbours would never know! Plants that look precisely like Monstera or Spathiphyllum (Peace Lilies) can look great inside or outside.

Artificial Grasses to Grow Outside

Just like indoors, there may be areas of your garden where you can’t seem to get plans to grow. Why not have stunning artificial grass in a pot? Or perhaps you don’t have enough time to keep pots looking perfect, and a synthetic grass container will bring something extra to your patio. Try a large Pennisetum grass for a stunning effect.

Artificial Grasses Need Some Care

While there will be far less care than the real plant, artificial grasses will need some looking after.

  • For a lawn, you may need to wash it down with a hose as required, sweep away leaves, and for smaller properties, even give it a vacuum!
  • Artificial plants in pots, either inside or outside, will need to be cleaned once in a while to get rid of dust and debris to ensure they look their best for as many years as possible.

Check out our options for artificial plants to fill your tricky spot.