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Stop by and explore our Annuals and Perennials in-person.  

From the first signs of spring, to the golden hues of autumn, our annual plants stand as vibrant expressions of nature's creativity. Dive into a kaleidoscope of possibilities, as you select from a wide array of blooms to grace your garden with seasonal splendour.

Our perennial plants embody the spirit of endurance and growth, and form the backbone of your garden's character.  Perennial plants return year after year, each season adding a new layer of beauty and story to your outdoor home.  We offer climate-appropriate perennials that thrive in the unique conditions we enjoy in Manitoba.

At Lacoste Garden Centre, our dedicated team of plant professionals is here to guide you through the rich tapestry of garden plants.  Whether you're cultivating a tranquil retreat, a vibrant urban oasis, or a bountiful vegetable garden, our experts are ready to share their knowledge and passion, ensuring your selections align seamlessly with your vision.

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