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Fairy Gardens

If you have visited our greenhouse this year, you have likely noticed the display of fairy garden necessities and accessories.  Fairy gardening, also known as miniature gardening, is a new and exciting opportunity for gardeners of all ages to plant and decorate a small-scale garden.

Two summers ago, I wanted a rock in our front garden.  Not a big rock, just a medium-sized rock, amongst the perennials.  Once the rock was in place, it looked like a little shelter for something.  After some thought, and some time on Google, and on Pinterest, I discovered fairy gardening.  I found a smallish stump, and some leaves and twigs, and made a little house. I then went on a month-long mission to find an appropriately scaled little creature to live nearby.  The results were cute, but not quite right.  My stump/rock/fairy combination was not quite to scale, but I was satisfied with it as a first effort.

After more experimentation last year, I think that this year’s fairy garden will be my favourite yet.  At Lacoste we’re carrying Fiddlehead Fairy Garden villages and accessories, which will fix my difficulties with scale.  There are houses, and garden tools, and benches, and pathways, and little fairies and gnomes! Along with the accessories, there is also a variety of dwarf annuals which will complete the landscape of the village!

My plan for this year, is to create little vingettes around the yard for the fairies to visit, but I also love the look of the whole village that we have set up in the store!

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