Easy organization!

For your convenience, ALL information, seller’s form and group recap sheet will be e-mailed directly to you!

Our fundraising team – Nadine, Stewart and Becky will guide your group with information and support.


Delivery = Quick & Easy

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for delivery of plants
Fill in your recap sheet and e-mail the total numbers only to fundraising@lacostegardencentre.com
FREE City-wide delivery on orders of 100 or more items!
Delivery charge of $25.00 if fewer than 100 items
Outside of City of Winnipeg limits – please contact us for the cost of delivery!
Payment is due on delivery or pick up: by cheque from your group, cash or debit card.


Poinsettias are available in red, pink and white. They are individually packaged, foiled, and colour coded for easy delivery

three poinsettias


Swags are available with a red, gold, silver or blue bow.  Adorned with large pinecones, swags have a hanger loop for convenient hanging. All hand made with care, and sturdy enough to handle outdoor weather.  Minimum size 16” x 24”

Winter Planters

Winter planters are created in a black container and overflow with fresh winter greenery, including dogwood stems, large pinecones and a red bow. All hand made with care and will last the winter months. Minimum size:  20’ X 36”

Gift Cards

Gift cards will never expire and can be redeemed for any product or service, with the exception of Barkman or Allan Block products and landscaping services 

evergreen swag, winter planter and gift cards