Garden Supplies

Garden toolsFor all of your gardening needs Lacoste Garden Centre carries not only plants, but all of the other supplies that go along with gardening. From required supplies as small as gloves to supplies as big as tools, watering, or pest management- we have it!


Seeds and Bulbs
• Grass seed:
    -Classic: This ultimate grass seed mixture is quick to establish, fine-textured, and has excellent mowability.
    -Shady Turf: Well adapted to the dark, shady, and moist areas of your lawn. The varieties used in this mixture are great for shade and some sun as well.
• Seed:
    -Herb seed available in fall for growing over winter.
    -Herb, vegetable, annual flower, perennial flower seeds all available in spring and summer.
• Bulbs
   -Iris, tulip, Anenome, Allium, daffodil, crocus, Muscari, Hyacinth, and garlic bulbs available for planting in the fall for early spring flowers.  
   -Large variety of flower bulbs available for planting in the spring, onion sets, and seed potatoes.

Plant Nutrition and Growth

• Fertilizers:
    -Type: All purpose, perennial, tree and shrub, vegetable, ultra bloom, tropical and houseplant
    -Form: granular, slow release, water soluable, liquid
    -supplements: manure, calcium, iron
    -mycorrhizae (for more info click here)

Pest Management
• Large pests: spray or paint-on products to repel those pesky deer, rabbits, and others.
• Herbicides:
    -Selective herbicides for control of broadleaf weeds in lawn
    -Non-selective herbicides for control of all weeds
• Insecticides: for any insect pest. Consult with us for the best product to use and/or identification of the pest if unknown. Bring a sample in a closed container to make it easier to identify.
• Fungicides: for any fungus problem. Consult with us for best product to use and/or identification of the fungus if unknown. Bring a sample in a closed container to make it easier to identify. 

• Sprayers
    -hand held
    -hose attachment
• Seeders
    -hand held
    -push and seed

• Hoses
• Attachments
• Sprinklers
• Wands and heads
• Hose caddies
• Watering cans

Indoor Growing
 • Growing kits
• Seeding trays and inserts
• Domes
• Heat mats
• Indoor/Potting soil
• Alternative growing medium
• Vermiculite and perlite
• Peat pellets
• Rooting hormone
• Seeds (herbs, vegetables, flowers)

• Shears
• Pruners
• Knives
• Shovels
• Rakes
• Pitch Forks
• Hoes
• Fruit Pickers
• Weeders
• Hand Tools
• Saws
• Multi-tools
• Safety Glasses
• Measuring Tapes

• Heavy Duty
• Gardening

• Kneeling Mats
• Knee Pads
• Stakes, Ties, and Twine
• Netting
• Burlap
• Cones and Covers

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