Miniature Gardening

image5Miniature gardens are small scale gardens made of miniture plants and accessories. Let your imagination take control as you design a landscape in any garden or container with various houses, plants, accessories, fairies, and other creatures. Gardens can be created to any size, whether throughout your entire garden or in a small bowl. They can be outside or kept in your house in a planter.

Our accessories include:
-houses                                 -mini pots and planters
-ponds                                  -fairies and other creatures 
-patio kits                            -mini cakes, cups, and coffees
-accessory kits                    -statues
-assorted firgurines           -yard accessories

 We also carry many different themes:
-beach                     -Christmas
-woodland              -Halloween
-stone                      -Desert

We carry a vast assortment of miniature conifers, houseplants, flowers, succulents and more to choose from when planning your garden. Also, many different containers to plant in!

Choose one of our pre-made miniature gardens, consult with our miniature gardening enthusiasts to help you create one, or pick out some accessories and create your own!

 For a guide on how to create your own click here.

image7fairy gardenimage8fairy pumpkin