Locally grown produce is a step away from your own home-grown goodness. In the summer months we proudly offer local fruits and vegetables. We also have a variety of sauces, pastas, dip and drink mixes, and much, much more!

Around the end of June/beginning of July our local produce begins arriving multiple times each week. Enjoy farm-fresh veggies and fresh-picked fruits. Seasonal deliveries mean that we have fresh and local strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, and so many fresh options, without the work of gardening and harvesting on your own! For those who can their veggies to save for winter, we also carry jars and supplies for all of your canning needs.

Year-Round Groceries

While shopping for your fruits and vegetables why not pick up the perfect sauce to complete your meal? We carry a variety of additional food products throughout all seasons


Nature's Farm Dry Pasta Local Jams and Jellies

Honey Cheeseball and Dip mixes

BBQ Sauces Drink Mixes (hot chocolate, cider, etc.)

Salsa Chips, Peanuts, and Seeds