At Lacoste Garden Centre, we help you bring the indoors outside by transforming your backyard into a unique outdoor living experience. Enhance your home and lifestyle with our wide selection of home and garden décor. Choose from an array of wall décor, solar lights, planters, pots, wind chimes, gnomes, lanterns, fire burners, birdbaths, feeders, stepping stones and so many more items, all in one convenient location.

In The Home

For a bold splash of colour or understated elegance, Lacoste carries a variety of decor that is great for gift-giving on any occasion or to add to your own home.

•  Napkins                                                                         •  Wall Decor 
•  Boot scrapers                                                                           •  Mirrors 
•  Welcome mats                                                                         •  Paintings
•  Stained glass                                                                            •  Plaques 
•  Candles                                                                                     •  Metal wall art
         •  Tea lights, tapered candles                              •  Lampe Berger      
         •  Candle holders                                                                •  Assorted diffuser styles 
         •  Soy candles by Soy Elegance                                        •  Assorted scents and refill bottles
         •  Soy candles by Bean Pod


For in the garden or on the patio, Lacoste has many ideas and inspirations to create your own at-home oasis.

•  Wind chimes                                       •  Fountains
•  Gazing balls                                         •  Sundials
•  Glass birdbaths                                   •  Weathervanes 
•  Statuary                                                •  Stepping stones
•  Containers and pots                           •  Metal wall decor


In need of a gift but looking for something different? We offer a wide selection of jewelery, books, decor, and more!

•  Jewelry                                                                                        •  Fashion rubber boots by Sloggers
        •  Oxford Station nickel-free earrings                              •  Sun hats by Sloggers
        •  Chelsea Pewter earrings, necklaces, and pins            •  Greeting cards
        •  Bracelets                                                                             •  Books
        •  Rings                                                                                    •  Assorted scarves