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Calathea Burle Marx

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Calathea Burle Marx

Price $ 39.95
Prices excluding sales tax
  • Quantity
In stock

About Calathea:

  • Calathea exploded in popularity in the last few years, and with such beautiful foliage its easy to see why! 
  • Calathea are native to the tropics in North and South America
  • Calathea leaves will curl up at night, and unroll in the morning, searching for the morning sun
  • Calathea leaves are often a beautiful purple on the undersides

Caring for Calathea

 Light Needs

Bright but indirect light is best, as direct sun may burn those beautiful leaves.


Calathea have a reputation of diva-like behaviour, but any plant tantrums (plant-trums!) can be avoided with careful watering! Water regularly, to keep the soil evenly moist, but never soggy. Calathea are often sensitive to minerals found in regular tap water, so to prevent the edges from browning, it helps to leave a full watering can out overnight, to allow those minerals to evaporate


Fertilize regularly during the spring and summer once or twice a month with an all purpose fertilizer.

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