lacoste-storeAs the winter turns to spring, the anticipation of getting into your yard and starting to dig in the soil builds and helps you through those final snow-coated days. You may find yourself dreaming of warm nights on the deck, the air perfumed with the scent of Heliotrope and Nicotianas. At Lacoste Garden Centre, we would love to show you how to make your anticipation a reality. We carry a huge selection of annuals ready for planting in your garden or a container.



 New to Lacoste for 2016:
• 'Honey' Supertunia
• 'Latte' Supertunia
• FlameThrower Series Coleus
       • 'Spiced Curry'
       • 'Chipotle'
       • 'Chili Pepper'

In 2015 the following varieties of annuals were huge hits! Keep an eye out for them in 2016!!

•  Alternanthera 'Red Threads': Foliage plant with very interesting contrast in its green leaf with a red underside.

•  Sweet Potato Vine: a hit year after year this foliage plant adds rich and bright colour and lush, full leaves.

•  Canna lily 'Pretoria': Beautiful light green leaves with stripes of colour running through them. Bright orange flowers.

•  Callie Series Calibrachoa: Small bright flowers in a whole variety of colours! These beautiful flowers add a colour pop to any mixed container arrangement or in a Callie-only basket.