Rock Gardening


rock garden A century-old garden style that has since made its way  into contemporary themes and is still used today, rock gardens continue proving to be a classic favourite. Low-maintenance with appeal that extends outside of only plants these gardens work well with our Manitoba soils. Whatever theme you choose, we can help you create your very own rock garden!

Think desert. The best spot to make a rock garden is in a sunny location. It's still possible to make one in shady areas, but then your plant choices are far more limited.

Start with your empty flower bed. Find rocks/boulders that appeal to you and place them randomly around your garden. Place them in clusters or individually. It's all up to you! Randomize the placement and sizes of rocks.

The first thing you should look at after choosing your rocks is plants that will have proportionate size. This generally means look for plants that are compact, creeping, or tall and narrow. It's also usually best to choose plants that are drought tolerant. Perennials or small shrubs are usually best in rock gardens because they are low maintenance. If you are using a weed barrier then it's also best to stick with plants you don't have to replace every year- weed barrier can make this a difficult task with annuals.

Rock Garden Perennials for Sun
- Yellow Alyssum (Basket-of-Gold)      - Cushion Spurge
- Ice Plant                                                   - Lavender
- Sedum                                                       - Coreopsis
- Hens & Chicks                                         - Veronica
- Creeping Thyme                                      - Black-Eyed Susan
- Blue Fescue                                              - Salvia
- Snow-in-Summer                                   - Catmint
- Candytuft                                                  - Russian Sage
- Ajuga                                                          - Lamb's Ear
- Creeping Phlox                                         - Silvermound
- Pasque Flower                                          - Thift (Armeria)
- Cranesbill Geranium                              - Soapwort
- Rockcress

Rock Garden Perennials for Shade
- Small/Mini Hosta                                   - Coral Bells
- Lungwort                                                  - Jacob's Ladder
- Lady's Mantle                                           - Ferns
- Anemone                                                   - Bergenia

Rock Garden Shrubs
- Juniper                                                    - Globe Cedar
- Dwarf Mugo Pine                                  -  Spirea
- Barberry                                                  - Potentilla

Try something different... Add pots to your rock garden to add a unique look to it and to add annuals. Place the pots among the rocks as you would if you were planting there.